Thursday, August 16, 2012

Passion is like a perfect diamond.

To be "beautiful beyond the dreams of pornography".  This is a direct quote from the diary of the late actor, Richard Burton while detailing his passion for Elizabeth Taylor.  I can't begin to describe my reaction as I read this.  Needless to say, it was breathtaking. 

I'm a rare bird in that I'm loved and cherished by my husband more so than many women I know. When Eric looks at me, regardless of when I weighed 347 pounds or now that I'm 161 pounds lighter, he sees me as beautiful, he always has.  He married me when I wore a size 22 wedding suit.  He told me I was gorgeous - and believed it - when I was scouring the clothing racks for size 34 jeans.  Today, he thinks I'm adorable wearing size 14 skirts. 

Eric treats me with an amazing amount of respect; we're partners in every sense of the word.  Everything we do - every decision made - we make together.  I couldn't ask for a more compatible or passionate husband.  Our love making is a joy.  I'm never quite sure what to expect.  Some nights all we do is laugh, others are soft and gentle, and yet still others we're throwing each other about in such crazy fits of passion we're looking at each other the next day wondering how the heck we're going to move our aching bodies.

We've discussed our disappointments in life, ourselves, and yes - even with one another.  We've been gentle but honest.  To be "beautiful beyond the dreams of pornography" - what fantastic passion Richard had for Elizabeth; however, I wish they had taken more time to laugh at one another, to see the beauty of their flaws, and the courage to discuss their disappointments in each other gently but honestly.  Perhaps then Richard and Elizabeth would have managed to save their second marriage.  Passion in a relationship is so a diamond in the rough.  Could this be why Ms. Taylor had such a fascination with diamonds?  She had the perfect one with Mr. Burton.  Once lost - it's nearly impossible to find another.