Friday, June 15, 2012

When all else fails, see a fairytale.

I know it's goofy, I'm not denying it.  I've often stated that I'm a "...happily ever after..." geek, but it's true.  Nothing quite brings me out of a funk than a good old fashioned fairytale.  Dammit, it's a little embarrassing; however, I own it.

Movie, Snow White & the Huntsman
Last night I sat in a movie theater, sitting next to my bestie, shoveling tons of oiled popcorn down my gullet, waiting for the Huntsman, Snow White's true love to kiss her and break the Queen's evil curse.  And let me just say for the record, if the three immature idiots in the front row continued making stupid comments, they would have paid dearly.  How dare they risk destroying my "happy".  I wanted to see the tender exchange, the moment. happened.  I clapped, albeit quietly so I didn't completely humiliate my friend, but I placed my hands together because I could not contain the warm fuzzy feeling inside of me.

Life is not a fairytale.  Shit happens.  I get it.  Parents get sick.  Tsunamis occur.  Favorite pets die.  Wildfires destroy homes.  Credit cards are maxed out to pay for groceries.  Kids are diagnosed with autism.  Partners stop listening. 

We need a break from the mundane.  So for me, I prefer to get lost in a little magic from time to time; some fairy dust instead of war and reality because, you see - I understand that side of life.  I hear battle calls from my kids on a regular basis.  I see poverty and injustice when I drive downtown.  A little "...happily ever after..." on a Thursday night can do folks some good every once in awhile.  It places us back into perspective and makes people responsible for our own happiness.

So, last night I watched a fairytale; a tried and true kiss-the-princess-and-kill-the-scary-queen fairytale.  Awesome!  I'm feeling better today.  Maybe I'll attempt to do some housework..just maybe.