Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's talk about something personal...

You know what I absolutely love?  I love sitting down in a new or awkward environment with a complete stranger and having the world's most intimate yet informal conversation.  I simply ADORE this.  What makes it more fun is in the evening, when my dear one, my sweet, loving husband asks, "Anything interesting happen today?" and I'll say very matter-of-factly, "Yes, I talked about personal shaving techniques while my dental hygienist was flossing my teeth."

The reaction is exactly what I expect - uproarious laughter.

I don't know what it is about me which draws this information out of people.  Perhaps it's my extremely relaxed attitude.  Very little shocks me and everything has the capacity to make me laugh.  This just may be what folks pick up on when they start sharing their funky secrets in my ear. 

For example, yesterday's 5-razor, bathing suit, shaving discussion.  I believe the gal picking my gums had no problem sharing her horrifying dilemma because I empathized (between mouth spits) that I too have suffered many an hour and multiple razors - not to mention the agonizing ingrown hairs - before having to squeeze my ass into the first swimsuit of the season.  I let this woman know, before she shared the worst of the worst, that I understood what she'd been through and admitted to the hilarity of the situation.

Life is disgusting.  I have an uncanny way of bringing the gross stuff out of perfect strangers.  Why?  I believe it has a lot to do with my time spent working as an aide in nursing homes, a personal home health care professional, and later as a patient volunteer with Hospice.  My opinion is that our time on this Earth is far too short to be uptight about it.  It's messy, and dirty, and smelly, and yes - sometimes a wee bit uncomfortable.  We all have the same business.  We're all made with the same bits and pieces.  In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? 

When I had to assist people in their most intimate moments, I didn't care who they were when they were younger, how much money they once made, or how many people (God forbid) bowed down to them in their lifetime - what mattered to me was who they were as we were standing face to face, then and there.  I would look into their eyes and see someone I chose to love; someone who earned my respect and carried themselves with grace, dignity, and humility.

So you see, I've learned to live life day to day and with a great sense of humor.  I've seen many friends pass away; some beautifully, others refusing to let go, hanging on to every last breath in their body.  Either way, it's a precious thing - this gift of breathing.  I'm annoyed to think of how often my bi-polar has gotten the best of me.  But for today, today I'm loving life.  I'll breathe it in and laugh at the complete silliness of it.  Who knows, perhaps if I have enough razors I'll even consider shaving my sassy legs.