Friday, May 25, 2012

Camp Breezy is Open for Business

Yesterday I wrote, edited, and hesitated on posting a sad blog.  Did any of you, my dear friends and blog readers, lay eyes on it?  Nope.  Only me.  With the miracle of modern technology, I woke up, looked at my draft box, and without a moment's hesitation, hit the delete key.  Poof!  Gone.  An hours worth of rambling evaporated into nothingness.  Thank goodness.

Today is Friday - AND the Friday before a three day weekend - AND the first full Friday of my boys' summer vacation with nowhere to go and nothing planned.  Now, if this doesn't scare the crap out of me and cause me to write a sad blog, I don't know what would.  Yet, I'm going to try and stay positive.  Due to yesterday's sour mood, I went to sleep at 3:30 in the afternoon.  I have plenty of energy to face the daunting challenge of the months ahead.  I'm ready (I think) to face the noisy, uncertain summer with vigor and a positive mental attitude.  Here I go...

Unlike past summers where I prepared prize shelves with lights and ribbons and celebratory signs for positive behaviors, I have yet to come up with a single concept on how to get my boys through a day without calling me or each other nasty names.  Uh oh, I better start my strategy now.

Also, by this time I'd have monthly calendars charted as to what activities the boys are doing and where they're going to be on any given day.  Unfortunately, I have not done this yet.  Where have my organizational skills gone?  I used to be so adept at "Camp Breezy".  Now, I sit here idly slurping my candy bar in a cup (also known as, my morning bowl of coffee) pondering the loss of my once excellent skill set. 

It's also extremely important for kiddos on the autistic spectrum to know exactly what they're supposed to be doing from one hour to the next.  There should be no grey area, no surprises.  Because of this, I always have a daily schedule posted on the refrigerator.  Their therapist recommended this to me years ago and it's truly been a God send.  The schedule is extremely rigid but once it's in place, there's no wavering and what's better - there's usually no arguing.

Breakfast is always at 8:00am sharp or Austynn has a complete meltdown.  Deep breath.  Find my calm, relaxing pool of still, blue water.

Yes, summer has begun.  Camp Breezy is officially open for business whether this camp leader is ready for it or not.  Let the merriment begin!