Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bri and some of her notoriously bad habits.

We all have notoriously bad habits.  Most people refuse to admit them openly but I'm not so shy.  I've come to the conclusion that life is far too short and funny to pretend that I'm perfect.  I am - in fact - absolutely NOT perfect.  I admit this with all sincerity and goofiness.  That's why I write this blog; to investigate my flaws and as a means to prevent bankruptcy from therapeutic co-payments.  Interestingly enough, I'm still seeing a therapist, taking a plethora of bi-polar medications, and from time to time, hiding from looming storms of oncoming depression.

I have a tendency to say it like it is.  This can be considered as both a good and bad thing.  I've been known to ask people point blank if they're gay.  Normally, one would think, "Oh my God, Bri!  That's not your business!", but I'll ask it in the context of a conversation if I'm trying to understand a situation.  You see, I have a way of becoming immediately familiar with strangers.  I'll be in a grocery store line and within minutes know if a lady behind me is going to an AA meeting down the street.  Before leaving, we end up hugging and exchanging phone numbers. On the flip side, if I see a perceived injustice, I won't hold back.

In an old neighborhood, I saw what I believed to be someone tagging (spray painting) the liquor store across the street.  Oh nooo - this was not going to happen on my watch!  I stopped my car and screamed at the dude to get his ass out of the area before I called the cops on him. (I even believed I threatened to kick his bootie personally.  I get so riled up.  I just may have succeeded.)  I made quite the broohaha until he turned around, screamed at me to shut my "pie hole", and said he was erasing the graffiti.  "Oh, nice job, sir.  Thank you for keeping the neighborhood looking so nice" and off I skedaddled.

I've mentioned several times that I'm judgemental.  This is probably one of my worst traits.  It's a sin to be sure - perhaps not listed in the top ten - but certainly chiseled between the lines.  When I was fluffy, ok - I'll call it like it is - a chunky monkey, I never walked into ice cream shops.  I immediately assumed every eye of every stranger looked at my 347 pounds and thought, "Holy Moses, this lady has no business eating ice cream!"  How sad, right?

The other day my husband and I were eating fast food and a big guy walked in with whom I'm assuming was his mother.  The first thought in my mind was, "Holy crap, he shouldn't be eating fried food!"  Shame on me.  The poor guy.  I judged him the same way I assumed people had judged me.  I'm working on this "in-between" sin.  It's a big one.  No one has the right to judge anyone based on the color of their skin, weight, race, gender, sexual preference, religion, etc.  This madness needs to stop and it starts with each of us accepting our own prejudices and working hard to absolve them.

Finally, another fault, but certainly not my last (you'll learn more of them as you follow my blogs), is not to exert more physical energy than absolutely necessary.  When I should take the stairs, I'm looking for an elevator.  I hate walking but I'll make the additional ten steps to avoid grunting up a flight of stairs.  If I have to circle a parking lot three times to find a spot near the mall doors versus walking ten feet further, I will do so (stop moaning, people..I told you these are awful habits!).  And yes, I have been known to wake my husband from a sound sleep and ask him for a glass of water.  SHAMEFUL!  He loves me my dear friends and blog readers.  What more can I say?