Saturday, February 4, 2012

Were you born, Eric? I can't find your paperwork anywhere.

Oh, those tricky warranties.  You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. 

I've heard it all.  Warranties on big ticket items are a waste of money.  By the time you invest in one, the laptop is obsolete and it would be cheaper to get a new computer versus have someone come out and fix it for you. 

The 100,000 mile warranty on a car, oh it's a must!  I squirmed and squiggled on this one.  When push came to shove, my husband and I could barely afford the monthly payments much less the additional money the finance guy was trying to tack on.  I have to admit, the guy was a good salesman.  He had me going.  "What happens if the car breaks down after the dealership 30,000 mile warranty expires, Eric?  He's right, these cars have so many more computer gadgets and sensors now a days."  I was so ashamed.  I was literally quoting the dude.  The finance gentleman looked like he was going to pop when Eric ultimately made the decision to pass on it.

This morning, we have over 19 inches of fresh, heavy snow on our front porch.  Due to unforeseen problems, a bolt on our fairly new snow blower broke in half yesterday.  Eric has been on the phone all morning dealing with the home improvement store with warranty issues.  From the moment the first call was made, I had a sinking feeling he didn't purchase an extended warranty.  Let the cussing and complaining commence.

Friends and family assume that Eric and I are extremely organized.  Not so.  We are awful record keepers.  We have made attempts over the years to get our paperwork in order so much in fact that we purchased filing systems, folders, tabs, etc.  Most of this craziness still sits in the unopened supply boxes down in the basement.  The important paperwork, for example, birth certificates, adoption decrees, my divorce paperwork from Jeff, etc., are laying about helter skelter in miscellaneous envelopes.  I can at least attest to the fact that I know what the envelopes looks like. 

Unfortunately over the years my oldest son, William gets a hankering to sweep out and organize the basement.  This is sweet; however, there's usually an underlying reason - he wants something.  Then, when organizing, he doesn't consult me so everything which had a place is now moved to a new location and needs to be found once more.  It's a vicious circle of confusion and lost documentation. 

So you see, warranties be damned.  Even if we purchased them, if we remembered we had them - we would never be able to find them.  We can't even prove that we were born much less that we bought a 3-year warranty on a piece of crap snow blower that we so desperately needed this morning.  Get out the shovels boys.  It appears we have a bit of work ahead of us. 

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