Friday, February 10, 2012

Eric has a great big pain in the brain.

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I've been writing some serious blogs lately.  Sorry about this.  I find that I go through spurts.  It's just the way my kooky mind works, I suppose.

Last night was a long one for my husband, Eric.  He was up and down since midnight vomiting and on the toilet with reactions from his medications.  Now a lot of you, my dear friends and blog readers, are thinking, what?  What is Bri writing about?  Medications?  What is wrong with Eric?  Well, that's just it, you see.  I take for granted that there's anything wrong him so when he does get sick, when he does have reactions, I'm actually concerned but at the same time - I'm grateful.  I'm grateful to be reminded that yes, he does have a medical condition and that I must never take our lives together for granted.

Geez Louise!  That was a complete and utter rambling paragraph which left my poor readers no closer to understanding the situation than when I started.  I make myself laugh most mornings, oh - but not you, my friends.  You're getting annoyed with me.  Should I draw this out a little longer for the heck of it?  No?  Ok, enough with the torture.

Eric has a brain tumor or in medical terminology, a prolactinoma.  We consider it to be an old nuisance which has been hangin' about in there for years.  It's not cancerous but it certainly has been a great big pain in his brain for a long, long time.  The doctors think it started wrapping itself around his pituitary gland and brain stem about the time Eric entered puberty.  Because of its location, the bastard kept Eric's adolescent body from producing hormones.  As Eric aged, the tumor grew, migraines increased in intensity, his body stopped growing in height, and could not produce testosterone, etc.( the pieces are coming together as to why Bri and Eric adopted the boys).

When Eric and I met one another and became close friends in high school, this thing, this ugliness was growing in his head.  No one knew it was there.  As the years went by, the two of us followed our other friends down the aisles at their weddings.  Oftentimes, ironically, we were paired up as their bridesmaid and groomsman; however, due to his migraines, Eric could barely manage to stay through the receptions without becoming deathly ill.  He never went to the doctor.  He didn't seek help until it came to my own wedding week and then it was almost too late.  He had a seizure.  He couldn't ignore the symptoms any longer.

I hadn't planned on videotaping my wedding but a friend thought it would cheer Eric up in the hospital while he waited for surgery.  My entire wedding video was dedicated to Eric Potts.  As I knelt at the alter, in my wedding dress, next to my first husband, waiting to exchange vows, I looked right into the camera and told Eric that I loved him.  Destiny?  I think so.

Jeff and I went to Great Britain for our Honeymoon.  The night of Eric's surgery I stayed up and made the long distance call to make sure he survived the delicate procedure.  I used every coin I had.  I refused to close my eyes until I knew my dear friend was safe.  Eric was the only thought on my mind.

Four years later, when I told my ex-husband I was planning to marry Eric, whom he knew and was very fond of, Jeff said something I'll never forget..."Bri, when I married you, I felt as if I had stolen another man's destiny."  Wow.  Powerful words.  How often does one have a chance for a "do-over"?  All I can say is that my ex-husband, though our separation was ugly, gave me a new insight on life.  I still love Jeff tremendously.  I cherish his friendship and value our time together as an amazing learning experience.  We were just the wrong souls.  I was always meant for Eric and Eric for me.

So the tumor...yes, it's still there - the bastard; HOWEVER, we believe the stinker - due to radiation - has shrunk to such a level that it's virtually a non-issue.  BUT, it's still there.  AND, last night's little episode reminded us once again that life is precious.  Yes, I have a plethora of medications that I sort out every Monday for him but I do the same for the boys and myself so it's easy to forget what Eric needs them for.  As far as I'm concerned, he needs meds to calm his nerves or settle his ADHD or whatever else his crazy doctor tells him to do.  Brain tumor, what's that?  Eric wears a medical ID bracelet for a reason.  Sooo, this is where I give thanks...

Thank You, God for last night's little reminder.  Thank You for having him feel somewhat better this morning.  Please continue to send us these annoying jolts from time to time when we start taking our lives for granted (though last night's was a doozy - if You could go a little easier on his tummy next time, I think he would appreciate it).  You gave us an amazing second chance when You placed us back together.  Please continue to keep us laughing at the insignificant things and allow us to taste and savor and share the greatness of life's flavors.  Yours always, Bri.   


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