Friday, February 3, 2012

Be still my rambling thoughts.

It's one of those mornings when I don't have anything specific to write about but true to my blog title, just another ramble. 

I'm up early because my two itsy, bitsy dogs took over my side of the bed last night.  I went to sleep not feeling well, was up a few times, and when I returned the critters realigned themselves to my pillows and blankets.  Now most people wouldn't take this nonsense; however, for those of you who know Eric and I, we've been putting up with these spoiled monsters since they were puppies.  We take one look at our fluffy balls of white sweetness (well, dirty, matted, sort-of white sweetness), brown eyes, and listen to their little sighs and, it's all over - we're besotted with love.

So in the meantime, I tossed and turned; hanging one leg off the bed, the other carefully wrapped around Tulip to avoid waking her.  Of course, the moment my toe moved, she thought it was some frightful monster and let out a growl so fierce that the entire household was startled awake.  Then, we shifted.  Tank, the Lhasa Apso was terrified by Tulip, the scary ittier dog.  He wouldn't go near her so he settled on my head.  Eric decided he needed to move but when he "shifts" he's not so gentle, no.  He lifts his entire 200+ pounds and tosses them carelessly about like they're a sack of peas.  Thank God we don't have a waterbed.  The dogs and I would be thrown across the room.  At these times my mind wistfully considers one of those mattresses that when one person moves, even a full glass of wine won't be disturbed.  Ahh..that would be nice, oh - and a king size mattress too.

While I laid in bed trying to find my comforting sexy Mike Rowe fantasy and making futile attempts to tune out Eric's snoring, my mind drifted to other thoughts.  How was my friend feeling?  She had a miserable toothache yesterday.  No messages or texts.  She must seriously be knocked out on pain killers.   Thank goodness for pain killers.  I use them too often, but then again, I'm a wimp.  There's no denying the fact that if I have an inkling of pain heading my way, I will seek out and destroy it.  I'm a world class whiner so I figure I'm doing everyone, including myself, a favor when I pop a Tylenol.

Then I thought about yesterday's blog which wasn't written.  I was getting my hair done.  All those nasty greys had to go.  It was an early appointment and I was a standard issue ten minutes late.  I must work on my timing in the morning.  Well, all appointments really.  When did this eternally late Bri show up at the gate?  I used to be early for everything.  I hate waiting and I hate making people wait.  What a flake I'm becoming in my 40s.  I need to take small steps.  Cut back and try to be only five minutes late from now on, yes - that might work.

Oh, and the snow!  A lot of snow is predicted today; over a foot.  This is fine but what rattles my nerves is the idea of getting trapped in the house for all eternity with my boys.  I realize that this may sound a bit overdramatic but for those of your who follow my blogs, you might understand my concern.  Plus, throw in the possibility that we may lose power...Whoa Nellie!

Hmm..well, I think that's all I have to ramble about this morning because the last paragraph just gave me heartburn.  What a miserable way to ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee.

For my local friends here in Colorado, be safe today, bundle up, and try to ignore your children.  For everyone else, enjoy your weather. 


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