Monday, January 9, 2012

The zit that was and won't go away...

If you haven't guessed it by now my husband, Eric and I have very strange and quirky senses of humor.  Obviously, to be married to one another, it's a necessity.  It was also one of the main attractions that brought us together, sort of like bees to honey. 

I believe I've mentioned this in one of my earlier blogs, but when Eric first entered my life it was in high school.  He quite literally jumped into a group friends I was with at a dance, all but one of whom he didn't know, and started nasty dancing with us.  Our mutual friend laughed, the other girls uttered their disgust, and I thought he was fantastic. I asked him out the next weekend.  The rest was history and fate.

Years later, after my first marriage and divorce, we figured out we were soul mates (we were a bit slow to understand God's master plan) and all we did was laugh.  We giggled and enjoyed the silliness of our situation.  We were virtually given an amazing second chance.  How could we not be joyful?  Not only did I have this opportunity but Eric had survived surgery from a brain tumor (yeah, I know...what?!  Another blog entirely.  I can't write about a zit and a brain tumor in the same day.  It just doesn't seem appropriate.  Keep following my posts and you'll learn all about it eventually.).  We lived life to the fullest.  We celebrated.  Which somehow, in a very bizarre and twisted way, brings me to the title of this blog.

On our first New Years together, 1995, we went to Las Vegas and rang it in.  We were hoodwinked into staying at the Circus Circus Hotel with my older brother and other siblings.  Definitely not my first choice in places to stay.  Pink Formica rooms in cheap, nasty, obnoxious hotels tend to make me angry.  We booked it and at the last minute, everyone else pulled out.

Perhaps it was Eric's nerves but at some time during the weekend he had developed the most God awful zit I had ever seen in my life.  It was on his chin and it was mesmerizing.  I couldn't look away from it.  I was spellbound.  Unfortunately, I am not one of those people that can leave something like that alone.  I must tend to it.  A pimple as gruesome as that can not be allowed to wander about in public, not by my side anyway.  It was a distraction.  I could not concentrate.  I could not focus.  It was all consuming. 

Eric, on the other hand, would not allow me to touch it.  It was the first true test of our relationship.  When he was resting, I would attack it.  He would wrestle me off of him.  When we were walking, I would stop and trip him mid-stride.  It was too much for me.  I was overwhelmed by the the volcano that had become his chin. 

While we were at the hotel, we spent a lot of time on the midway.  This is an area where gambler's kids can be found playing arcade games and doing other assorted silly things.  Eric took a magazine cover picture where his face was superimposed as the character of Indiana Jones.  The "zit" is clearly visible in the picture. 

To this day, whenever Eric is nervous, this same awful pimple reappears.  We reference it as the, "Indiana Jones' Zit".  And now the irony is, it's become contagious.  It's rubbed off on me.  I get the same awful pimple in the same horrifying location.  Eric just laughs.   Karma I guess.

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Upol said...

hahaha! "We were virtually given an amazing second chance. How could we not be joyful?" - you know what, even though my wife & I were never divorced... but we came really close to it. And honestly, these little details & events that God periodically unfolded in our lives were undoubtedly the strings that still keeps us united. Love for your family... take care!