Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let's be happy!

Shiny, Happy People.  Yes, I think those are actually song lyrics.

Where am I going with this morning's blog?  I'm trying so hard not to be negative as far too many of my blogs have been lately.  Hell, I've unfriended people on Facebook just for sending grumpy, "my body hurts this morning" posts.  I must turn things around.  I must, I must. 

Perhaps it's the weather.  It's cold.  Well, duh.  It's winter in Colorado.  It tends to be on the cold side.  Hmm...positive things going on; my birds haven't died yet.  This front study must be the coldest room in the house but these silly, little chirping critters go on and on and on driving me to distraction.  Oops, wait..this sounds rather negative.  I must work harder on my next paragraph. 

Austynn has only asked for breakfast five times since waking up.  Normally, during the first two pre-dawn hours on a Sunday morning, he requests food between each cartoon commercial interruption and it usually has something to do with Pop-Tarts.  D'oh!  Try again. 

It's Wild Card Sunday for American Football.  My team, the Denver Broncos, are scheduled to play at around 2:30pm here in town.  I'm looking forward to this.  Who cares if they're predicted to be humiliated on our home turf surrounded by thousands of out of town Steeler fans.  The fact is that they made it to the playoffs.  Good for them.  Not only are they in the playoffs, but I get to gorge on thousands of calories worth of chips and dip while listening to my husband stomp and scream at the stupidity of the play calls and failure of the offense.  Boy, I'm feeling so much better already.

Wheew..nothing a little bit of good ole' fashioned positive thinking won't do to start my day off right. 

Happy Sunday everyone!  *wink*

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