Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh, Monday...At least I'm laughing, sort of.

Oh, Monday.  It's going to be one of those funny kind of days.  At least I'm laughing, sort of. 

So here we go.  I look like shite, the house looks like shite, I feel like shite...everything has gone to shite.  You know how it is after a long, lazy weekend?  No one does anything.  Shoes are everywhere, dishes in the sink, beds unmade, and then, uh oh!!  You suddenly remember, there are important things happening first thing in the morning?  Yep that was me today, then I added a few extra problems to the "uh oh's" for instance...

Tank, my beloved dog and companion, was groomed along with Tulip on Friday.  We took them to a groomer that we don't usually go to.   Unfortunately, he had a rather ugly mat on his tail and while shaving it, the groomer nipped him on his scrotum with the shaver (I just heard every male reader seize up in anguish).  This morning, the dog was in agony so I ended up taking him in at 7:00am when our local vet's office opened up.  The doctor wasn't in until 7:30 so I sat and waited.  During this time while waiting and listening to bad elevator music, I realized I could have taken my much needed shower which I omitted to take yesterday (being far to comfortable doing absolutely nothing).  I was offending myself.  Thank God the office was still relatively empty.

As I was pulling up the street at 8:15am, the home repair dudes were waiting for me in front of my house.  They will be here all week working on drywall, painting, etc. from the damage when our house was sinking into the great Thornton abyss (long story, perhaps another day).  I had specifically asked that they arrive at 8:45am; however, I was still embarrassed when I realized my window was down after I yelled, "Fucking Morons" when I pulled into driveway next to them.  Maybe I should offer them a piece of cake for lunch or something?

My one moment of comfort is that it's pajama day and I did not have to comb Austy's ratty hair this morning.  But Austynn, in his usual cavalier way, destroyed that fleeting moment when he told the guys to feel free to swat at any flies they found in the kitchen with a dish towel.

It's barely past 9:00am in the morning and my day has yet to truly begin.  I can only shudder to think how many more possibilities it holds in store for me.  I will try to keep an open mind and try to remember that once the cake is gone, I can always make cookies. 

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