Friday, September 23, 2011

I so get it now...

Being a parent is tough, right folks?  Oh, come on!  I didn't hear you!  Let's hear an Alleluia! Amen!  Ok, that's much better.  I even heard some of my Russian blog readers this time.  Good job.  

There is a huge difference between being a Mom or a Dad versus being an Auntie or an Uncle.  I personally love being an Auntie.  There's no responsibility attached to this position other than being funner than the parents.  I LOVE that! 
We took our nieces kite flying
Elizabeth, Eric, Molly, and Tiffany

Prior to our boys being placed in our home and before Eric and I made the big decision to adopt, we were the "bomb".  We loved hanging out with our nieces and nephews.  On birthdays, we would get permission to take the mini demons out from school and treat them to a day at Disneyland.  When we were caravaning someplace, the kids always fought as to who rode with Auntie Breezy and Uncle Eric.  Why would they want to go with their parents when they could drive with us and listen to Uncle Eric make fart sounds and have permission to put their arms out the windows and "fly".  The stereo would always be blasting as we drove past their parent's quiet car.  Ours would be shakin' and rumblin' and quakin' with open windows and the sound of two goofy adults and three silly ones jammed in the back seat hootin' and laughin' with obnoxious rap music blaring out the windows.  It never occurred to me why the parents always had bigger grins on their faces then we did.  Hmmm...curious.

We were at a flower garden in San Clemente, CA
Tiffany, Glen, Eric, and Molly
Some weekends we would have a niece or nephew over to share some quality time with us.  If it was a niece, we'd go to the salon (ooh la la) and get our nails done.  Not just a manicure but a pedicure too.  This was back in the day before it was a common thing for 7 year olds carrying lattes to have it done on a weekly basis (don't even get me started on this...I'm feeling another blog formulating in my mind...).  I taught the girls my Grandmother's hot chocolate recipe in the hope that they'd remember it and pass it down to their daughters.  If we had a nephew visiting, we'd bring him to Kite Hill, an amazing spot were we lived in Aliso Viejo, California, and watch the remote control planes take off from the cliff.  No matter who it was, we'd always go night swimming at our community pool or if it was too cold (California, really?), we'd take our chances and go to the jacuzzi.  When their parents picked them up, the kiddos always wanted to stay yet we sweetly declined and let them go home.  Funny, it always seemed like their parents had a look of desperation on their faces almost as if perhaps we'd change our minds or something.  Hmm...I wonder why?
Eric being silly with our nieces
Devyn and Francine

Now we have our own boys and we're in a state where there are no silly Aunties or Uncles nearby to entertain them.  William and Austynn have no one to hang out with on the weekends other than their "boring" parents. (GOOD GRIEF!)  I consider this a huge bummer and now I get it.  I get the grins from my sister and brother-in-law's faces as we drove past them.  That was probably the first quiet drive they had in weeks.  I understand the look of desperation on their faces when the kids begged to stay another night.  Eric's brother probably could have used another couple of days, weeks, months of relaxation. 

Deep sigh.  I so get it now...

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myforcedsmile said...

My nephews are in New York, though I try to spoil them as much as possible. However, being raised by my little brother, I have little to offer in the shock/gross-out department. My nieces however, were unfortunately a casualty of the divorce and I find myself both laughing and crying at how appalled their oh-so-proper, little pre-school selves would be when I "god blessed" not only their adorable sneezes, but every bodily function. I only hope one day they'll giggle at the memory and never think "Who??" if someone reminds them of my silly etiquette.