Friday, May 13, 2011

I Met An Angel Last Night

I've discovered that I could never work at a humane society, homeless shelter, or children’s home. I would have little critters running around, folks making a home for themselves in my basement, and more foster kids than I could possibly take care of.

Before I start receiving countless posted comments about how “good” I am, please stop before your fingers hit the keyboard. I am no better than anyone else. The difference is that I’m extremely impulsive. I opened my mouth and before I considered the implications, I offered my spare bedroom to a pregnant, homeless stranger and her 3 year old son for a couple of months.

Did I think about the uproar it would cause in my home? No. Did I consider asking my husband first (after all, this is his home too)?  No. I called him after the fact. But this is where it gets interesting. He’s so generous that I knew in my heart he'd be ok with it. Yes, it would be awkward. He would certainly be nervous but yet I know he would have done the same thing or at least thought about it.

So last night, while waiting for the phone call to pick her up, Eric and I went through the pros and cons - the “what ifs”.  I knew she was on probation. I will not share why on my blog.  What I will share is that in the hour before I invited her into my home, while we sat together chatting in the therapy office about our children, I gained a good sense of who she was. A girl in her early twenties who came from an awful family, made one mistake with the law, and was trying desperately to get on track with her little boy and the baby she was carrying. She was getting absolutely no breaks in life.

What if she takes something from us? Then obviously she needs the money. What if her son damages the house? It couldn’t be any worse than what our own boys have done. What happens if she doesn’t leave after a couple of months? Then perhaps she needs us more than we know.

She didn’t end up calling last night. We waited well past dinner until after the boys went to bed. The blue ball and coloring book I purchased for her son is still sitting on my kitchen counter. I’m sad and worried. It was pouring rain yesterday. Their entire life was packed into five grocery store bags. I wonder where her little boy’s next diaper will be coming from. Perhaps she found it odd that a complete stranger would open up her home to another stranger and her son. 

Again, please don’t post a comment. My heart is heavy. What I ask instead is that you forward this link to someone else and then perform one small, random act of kindness for a stranger today - just one.

P.S. The girl’s name was, Angel.

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