Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Tea and Vodka Weekend

The wind is howling this morning.  All the magnifying glasses have been accounted for and destroyed.  No neighborhood fires today, thank goodness.

A fun filled and interesting weekend lays before me.  There's a big, crazy lady party tonight which promises an amazing hangover tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I'll recover in time to take some dear friends to tea at the Brown Palace

If you've never been to a high tea, it's really something.  I get the double pleasure of bringing a thirteen year old and her mother who've never been plus the location is quite breathtaking.  It's one of the oldest hotels in Denver and the tradition is extremely formal.  I know, I know...I'm sure a few of you are thinking, "Bri hates tea and she has to dress up!"  True.  But every so often it's worth the hassle and if I put enough sugar and cream in the tea, I can manage to swallow it without making an embarrassing face.  The dress-up thing is different.  Remember, this isn't Boston, New York, or London.  This is Denver.  Jeans and cowboy boots are still acceptable as long as I'm wearing diamonds and a dress blouse.  I love Colorado!  Yeeha!

It's still early and I need to start drinking my water bottle quota before the party tonight.  I must stay hydrated.   I never have Tequila hangovers but this is a Martini party and Vodka is a whole different animal.  Just thinking about it makes me grimace.  Memories of hangovers from days gone by.  Ooohhhff. 

Question...why is it that when someone is already plastered, the person bartending (normally, a friend) thinks it's funny to get you more intoxicated?  A beach party in Southern California, running out of Orange Juice, and this dear friend (who shall remain nameless) poured me straight Vodka.  That was a very bad night.  I don't recall much other than being dumped lifeless, vomitous, and sandfilled it into the backseat of another friend's car with a trashbag under my mouth.  Tonight, I will come prepared.  I will bring my own trashbag.

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