Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Not-So-Perfect, Perfect Cup of Love

Sunday mornings are tough for me.  They'd be ok if I wasn't caught up the night before in a game of poker with my neighborhood friends, or waiting for a new SNL (Saturday Night Live) episode, or mesmerized watching LOCKUP RAW marathons on cable.  Last night it was the latter.  So, like many Saturday evenings before, I stayed up past midnight and asked Eric to set the alarm for 4:00am.  Why?

I've made a commitment to my church to sit in their 24 hour Adoration Chapel for an hour every Sunday morning.  If you're not Catholic, this would be difficult to explain.  Just understand that it's something that gives me great joy and that even though it's pre-dawn, I chose this time for a reason.  I've considered trading the hour several times but for reasons that are my own, I will continue making that early drive and sit alone with Him in the quiet morning. 

When I get home I either make breakfast or crawl back into bed.  Since I had stayed at church for Palm Sunday services, I got home late and made breakfast for the troops.  Ok.  After a few hours of sleep and no coffee -- this lunatic housewife was not ready to type a daily blog much less a paragraph.  BED!

That's the nice thing about Sundays in my house.  I have free reign after breakfast.  My husband has the dishes and keeps an eye on the dogs while he's reading the paper.  I can sleep all day if I want to and today, I just about did.  I rolled over in my jeans and t-shirt at 1:00pm to the thought of, "yes, I still have coffee waiting for me!" 

Then, I heard it.  The sound of a microwave.  Thick, size ten, bare feet slapping about on my kitchen tile.  "Mom! Your coffee is ready!"

No!  Austynn didn't do it!  No one knows how to make my coffee except for Eric and it took him intense weeks of training and cups of wasted coffee.  Nooooo!


"Austynn!  What are you doing?"

"I made your coffee mom and some lunch."  Austy proudly opened the microwave oven to show me my double cup coffee bowl and a plate with two blueberry Pop Tarts.  In the background I can hear Eric upstairs gently prodding me to be gracious.

I pulled out the luke warm bowl.

"Taste it, Mom!"  Inside it was something that looked like my coffee; however, it had so much cinnamon sprinkled on top that I would have to scrape it off with a spoon first just for verification purposes.  I asked Austynn how he assembled it lest he wanted to try out something new on me.  Fortunately, he used all of the regular ingredients.  Just a little too much or not enough. 

"It's perfect, Austynn." 

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive.  You know just how I like my coffee.  Will you share the Pop Tarts with me?"

"Sure, Mom.  I love you so much."

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Brenda said...

Awwwww, how sweet! (and cinnamony)