Friday, April 1, 2011

Life is Gross

Ironically this had nothing to do at all with what I was planning to blog about this morning.  It just so happens to be the first thought that popped into my mind when I started typing.  When this happens, I figure, what the Hell, I guess I'd better go with it.

It probably had something to do with my dog, Tulip.  You see, when I sit down at the computer in the morning each of the dogs must have their place.  Tank, the larger and heavier one (hence his name), lies in a doggie bed at my feet. Tulip or Tootie, my Shih Tzu, loves to snuggle up in a baby carrier on my belly.  This sounds sweet or weird or goofy or anything else you can think of depending on whether you hate or love dogs.  Here's the nasty part, she's a licker.  This morning she found my mouth while I was yawning.  Yes, gross.  On the positive side, I did brush her teeth yesterday.

Life happens.  I spray.  I disinfect.  I use hand sanitizer but somewhere along the way sanity must kick in and say, "it's ok to let your kids play in the mud or let your dogs sleep in your bed".

My kids are pretty darn healthy (knock on wood).  I don't go overboard with stuff.  If something disgusting happens, I usually laugh.  Our mantra in this house is, "life is gross, get over it!" 

I've worked in nursing homes and volunteered with Hospice.  I've been present at the beginning of life, held death's hand, and been witness to a lot of humanity in between.  Life is interesting, messy, and yes at times - gross.  Laugh at those times.  Just be ready with the hand sanitizer, or in my case this morning, a bottle of mouthwash.

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