Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Not Quite Right This Morning

Nothing was quite as it was supposed to be this morning.  The alarm went off and we missed it (well, that's actually par for the course).  The Banshee came out for her monthly visit.  Pray for Eric.  I woke up with the melody "Yankee Doodle" rewinding through my head and to make matters worse it was the "placed a noodle in his cap and called it macaroni" version.  It will haunt me all day.  The dishwasher ran late yesterday so there are still dinner dishes in the sink from last night.  Austynn woke up 45 minutes early and requested that I stop what I was doing and feed him breakfast immediately.  Tulip is annoyed with me because I ran out of cookies and she - God forbid - actually had to eat a dog treat.  And finally, while reading one of my prior blogs (I do this every day to set the tone), I caught a ridiculous grammatical/spelling error in the very first sentence.  Why didn't someone tell me?!  It's like walking around in public with my zipper down!

Things have finally settled.  I'm gulping down my coffee with reckless abandon and have taken half a bottle of Midol to ready myself to do battle with Banshee.  Eric was a sweetheart and took William to school so I have to try hard not to let her show her ugly face today. This combination will also, I'm hoping, wreak havoc on the tune in my head.  By the time I'm finished with the caffeine and the medication is coursing through my body, I won't know whether to hum Back in Black or Fur Elise. I told Austy that I will get him breakfast after Bugs Bunny and no sooner.  Good Grief!!!  As if I need to be dictated to by a 12 year old wearing dinosaur camouflage pajamas!  Eric gave Tulip a piece of Ham to make-up for her missing cookie.  She is so spoiled.

Finlly my frends...if i make errs on me blog in the futre i would ask plitly that you notify me as soon as possble.  Is it cold in here?


Leigh Ann said...

I am always the one who tells people when they have food in their teeth, zipper is down, etc, because I would want someone to tell me. I am a grammatical freak, Bri…and I have been chastised in the past for correcting people, because I was told it was rude. So, as long as I have your permission...:)

Bri Potts said...

Go for it! You would be amazed how many times I review this stuff and miss the most obvious. LOL! "Where" versus "were"...Good grief! What a moron!!! Send me a note in FB and tell me what you find. Thanks lady! ;)

Brenda said...

Sorry to hear the Banshee is visiting. Bleh. xoxo

Brenda said...

By the way, there are quite a few grammatical errors in your last paragraph. (snicker)