Friday, April 29, 2011

Dance and Laugh!

Good morning all my dear friends and loyal blog followers!  Another beautiful spring morning here in sunny Colorado and I am experiencing a rare anomaly in my house for this hour.  Silence.  Usually by this time my youngest has found the cartoon channel and has, despite several requests, turned the sound up to drown out my laptop typing.  The only disconcerting thing about the silence is when my two small dogs are not at my feet where they belong.  This leads me to believe that Eric has left the tissue box and the "residuals" (ewww) on his night stand and my little darlings are feasting.  Another vomitous mess to clean up later I suppose.

For those of you who got up early to watch the royal wedding in Great Britain, good for you.  Clearly I am not a big fan of these things.  They are, after all, just another young couple.  A young couple with way too much pressure to succeed in life.  I wish them well, I really do.  That's all I have to say about that.  Sincerely, Lady Edna Watson of St. James (in reference to a goofy Facebook thingamajig).

Now I realize that even though my oldest spilt fruit juice all over the counter, Eric left for work looking very ill, and I dropped the blackberry jam knife down the front of my pj's while making lunches, I am still in a pleasant mood this morning.  How so you ask?  I'm curious myself as this entire week has been one in which I have been in a recovering cold haze.  Dirty clothes are piled so high in the laundry room that getting into the garage is a dangerous endeavor.  I have not made a homemade meal since Easter Sunday.  I  am missing appointments.  Craziness.  Yet today, I'm feeling invincible!

There is truly no explanation for it other than that it's a beautiful day.  So, I will breathe it in before the scheduled snow storm arrives this evening (what, it's April 29th for Pete's sake!) and continue singing Macy Gray in my silly Macy Gray voice until Austy tells me that I'm embarrassing him.  I will let my little dog, Tulip shower me with kisses and run around the house growling and hissing at the bigger dog, Tank because he doesn't know he's been fixed and won't stop harassing her (she has spunk).  I will pull up my hair, put on a tye-dye, blast the stereo, and dance like a crazy woman while I clean, sanitize and spray.  Finally, of course, I'll bring out my $3.00 doohickey vacuum attachment and crack myself up!

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Pass some of that awesome bubbliness this way!