Thursday, April 28, 2011

Am I Sleeping With the Enemy?

I just started and deleted a stupid, sticky sweet blog about spring and robins building their nests.  Now I ask you, does this sound anything like me?  I almost hurled. 

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table listening to the Road Runner cartoon in the background with Tulip drool all over my face and I'm dying to share the conversation I had with Eric last night before we fell asleep.  My dilemma is that Eric laughed and said he knew I would blog about it today and I laughed and said I wouldn't.  I hate to prove that man right.  He's always right.  My fingers are trembling...oh well, what the Hell.  

There are always adjustments when two people are married but having known Eric most of my life prior to our marriage (another day, another blog), I hadn't realized what a bizarre mystery he still was to me. 

When we moved into our spiffy, brand new, just built, beautiful two-story townhouse everything had to be just so.  That's ok.  I was and still am as many of you know a bit anal retentive (that's just an ugly phrase but so apropos in my case) and obsessive compulsive but in the beginning, I was nothing, nothing like Eric

I came from an earlier marriage where we struggled financially all the time.  We made due with what we had.  We lived out of milk crates and sold Plasma for cigarette money for goodness' sake.  Eric, on the other hand, if the vacuum worked but looked a little beat up, he wanted a new one.  What a funny guy!  Things had to be just so.  One of our earlier compromises was that my lists (remember those?) would be relegated to the side of the refrigerator which did not face the front door.  You see, Eric hates magnets and paperwork on refrigerators.  He thinks they look messy.  Ok.  I agreed to place my paperwork and magnets (which I'm not a fan of either really, they just keep my lists up in front of my face) on the appropriate side of the frig.  Done.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later and our first dinner party in our spiffy, brand new, just built, beautiful two-story townhouse.  Our guests had asked to be shown about.  We walked past my side of the refrigerator.  One of our guests happened to be his cousin.  She and I stopped dead in our tracks.  Eric had arranged my lists, paperwork, and magnets based on size and height.  Very tidy.  Very frightening.

There was a horror movie made were Julia Roberts married a psychopath who arranged everything in her house by size and height.  It was called, Sleeping with the Enemy.  That night while lying in bed I wondered just how well I knew this man I married.  After he had fallen asleep, I checked the knife drawer just in case.


Eric said...

That was 15 years ago. I gave up after the first six months! I love you, my PITA!

Bri Potts said...

Ha! You knew I was going to post it, didn't you?! The great thing about this is I have 15 more years of wonderful stories to share. I adore you, my Potsie.

P.S. You only gave up because my lists became so unmanageable!

Brenda said...

You two crack me up. We happen to collect magnets, so Eric, close your eyes when you walk in. And I have pictures, notes and child artwork up there too. Yikes! It is a mess and I enjoyed the first few days with the new fridge that was blank. But then I realized it was just blank. lol

True how married couples do have to make their ocd issues mix!